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20 April 2011 @ 04:27 pm
 These I seem to be obsessed with Pokemon, or at least trying to fill up my Pokedex in my Pokemon Black version. I've also tested out the GBL that was recently released and I'm actually happy with besides the fact that I can only enter the dream world once a day for only like an hour. But thats good I guess. I also can't wait to get my Glaceon!
Honestly though as i play through Pokemon Black, I can't help but feel the need to play the older games, Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Sapphire being one of my all time favorites. I most definitely missed playing Pokemon Crystal and being able to travel between two regions. Oh man that was certainly my game back then. I wish I had it now.

Well soon my classes will be over and summer will roll around.
Which means more time for rp and pokemon and me looking for a J O B! ><
28 April 2010 @ 11:10 am
Dream, usually about a few minutes after I wake up I try to remember my dreams I had. I replay the images over and over again so I could remember them and tell someone about it. But usually when I do try to recall them, I can't even remember the good parts of the dialog parts or even who was in the dream. But today I clearly remembered what went on in my mind. Although there were different parts to my dream, I remember just the part that I dreamed about before waking up. I had attended my younger brother's middle school band class. I brought my flute and was about to take it out of the case, but I had looked away and when I looked back all that was left of my flute was the head joint. I had searched like crazy for the other two pieces, but no luck. In the end, just before I woke up, in my dream I was on my knees and praying to the heavens for God to bring back my flute. I was praying really had and even started to cry. And thats when I woke up, waking up to my prayers in my dream. I guess the reason this dream came to me was because I had wanted to practice my flute yesterday, but ended up falling asleep and today I would need my flute for band rehearsal. Dreams have a funny way of creating a story.
1.) Reflecting back on the power point of perception, there were pictures given in the slide, the one that could be looked at in one way and also another way at the same time. I know of friends that has looked at these types of pictures and can only see on side of the image. But in contrast to how I see those images, its like if I blink I will see the other side of the image, blinking my eyes always helped me in seeing a second picture in a whole big picture. Like a picture of a cube, I can see all sides of it with just blinking my eyes.

2.) My own personality has it own up and downs. I perceive my own personality as someone who is slow to warm up to, shy at the start, and overly nice to others. I tend to place others before myself if they are not a close family member. A darker side to me is that I often lie a lot to benefit myself and I put off things I know I should be doing. When my friends argue with each other, I try not to butt in. I stay as the neutral party, but I'm so curious of what is happening that I try to get both stories of each person. I hide my emotions, bottle them inside so to please my friend or to not get them worried over me. I hate crying in front of someone, but secretly I want to be noticed and comforted. I don't know where I harbored this sort of personality. Maybe it was the way I raised or because of the people that I was surrounded by.

3.) During my service learning project with Inese where cleaned up a beach for an hour, I could perceive the situationism or come up with an idea of what Inese's thoughts were on our environment. She might have been thinking the same thing I was thinking. Why do people have to liter, if there is a trashcan right there on the beach and in the parking lot. She could have been thinking that there should be no reason for someone to just carelessly throw away trash into the sand dunes. Her thoughts and my thoughts could have been possibly the same and having a negative thought to litterers. Our environment caused us to think this way.

4.) Approach-approach conflict, having to decided where to go, where to hang out, what to do, and what or where to eat especially if I'm with others. For me to decided on a place for everyone else puts stress on me. I hate being the deciding factor, when most of the times I have to take up the initiative to make the final choice. I stress over my daily chores, and because I am the first born, I am expected to do everything around the house, my name is called first when instructed to do anything like wash the dishes or take out the trash. Its very stressful to do these chores when my I see my siblings just sitting there and doing nothing. But my most stress comes from when I'm late to an event or I'm doing an assignment at the very last moment.

not done. to be continued.
08 March 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Check out Dancell, an alternative rock band based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Currently they are working on a E.P under a small label contract that they'll be releasing soon. They are still a fairly new band, so come and watch them grow into something big, witness how they progress through time~

18 December 2009 @ 06:38 am
Okay so the last time I posted in here was in September. And I know the last I said i was going to keep doing updates. But bleh, you know me, I get lazy. Even right now I'm procrastinating the time I have left until my last final and not studying. It's soon. >.< And i have roughly at least 199 pages to read. Damm. >.<

But after my final and when I get home, I promise to update then. -nods- Yuppers~

Now to really study!
24 September 2009 @ 05:51 am
I had so many topic ideas to write about and update my journal with. But. >.< nope. it didn't happen. Just me getting lazy again and not signing in and then updating. Well it's not like anyone reads this but myself. hahahahahaha.

okay Aiza don't get so crazy in the morning. You still have to be sane during your classes today.

Well let's see. Have I talked about my classes yet? I think I did. Yes I'm certain I did. Well anyways. I think I found new light in my history teacher. Although he does give corny jokes, I've come to realize that they are okay corney jokes as I find myself laughing at them too.

shit! I have to check my email real quick. *pauses* Okay good thing I checked it. Cause If I didn't then I would be in big trouble cause yeah. Stupid project group thing and not being able to meet outside of the class. boo boo. I just hope this project comes out okay. We present on this upcoming Monday. =.=

Oh and I'm loving my new laptop. It's so awesome~~ And I love my Auntie Debby for getting it for me for my birthday~~~ Now all I need is a car. Oh did Ii mention that I loved my birthday, even if it rained and I got two bruises from it. >.< Hahahaha. It was epic.

How much more shall I write. Dayum I'm sweaty. >.<

I haven't slept yet. Bad Aiza. Hopefully I won't fall asleep in my History class. Oh! The last time I had my history class, I had my laptop with me and I had planned to take notes with it instead of writing them down. But as I was doing that, my Uruha muse was getting down with a Seto Koji muse. Man Uruha your such a player. hahahaha.

But this week. Was such a bad starting week since I cried AGAIN! wtf! over rp. =.= I'm so lame. Why must those tears come out like that. It's retarded. But my Junghoon muse does not deserve to be treated like he was. ugh. I won't get into details cause It'll take forever to type up and I have to get ready soon. Maybe I'll talk about it in my next entry. Loooooooooooooo~

But my Uruha with this Koji is so cute~~ keke~

Yesterday was wonderful. Well beside the Music Appreciation class. The rest were all like doing a test or timed writing. My timed writing I wrote about my first love, three pages long. It was cute and I hope it gets an okay grade. I also got to leave early cause I finished before class had ended. Same goes for my math test. i think I really did good and I hope I got a 100 or atleast close to a 100.

Then my first REAL flute lesson came and it wasn't bad as I thought it would be. it went well. ^^v

When I got home I feel asleep and woke up later around twelve am and im still up. =.= i kind of regret it. But I wanted Uruha and Koji to fuck. hahahahahahaha~

^^v PEACE!
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18 September 2009 @ 08:12 am
Aiza Taylor
Professor Lee
Music Appreciation
Sept. 18, 2009
La Bohème Review
The opera starts off slow, the current scene being taken place in Rodolfo’s garret, the symphony starts ouut with light tones with that of flutes. Mimi makes her entrance, in need of a light for her blown out candle, string instruments coming in to play signals the slight change of the setting. As Rodolfo and Mimi began to converse more, the symphony stays at a piano dynamic level, supporting the two voices.

This part of the Act 1 slowly plays out, Rodolfo helping Mimi find her lost key in the darkness of the room, a fast tempo could be noted as the two try to find the key in a hurry. But with a touch to each other’s hands begins their innocent flirting, Rodolfo’s words being sweet with the light sounding notes coming from the symphony to brighten his words.

Rodolfo asks Mimi to stay so that he could tell her about himself. She does so and listens to the man’s story, holding a content smile as she listens. A note from a few wind instruments form a chord to transfer the mood as Rodolfo begins his story. He tells of who he is and how he lives just before sneaking flattery for Mimi, saying that she was the thief that stole his dreams. Again the stringed instruments set the mood for romance, a harp being heard slightly above everything as it gives an elegant innocent feel.

Mimi eventually starts her story after Rodolfo had asked. The starting few notes from the symphony as Mimi speaks gives off that mysterious vibe until she builds into talking more and being more comfortable. She speaks of not having much to say, but her story ran a bit longer than Rodolfo’s, as she speaks of things that she loves after she shares how she lives her life. The sounds of the flutes giving Mimi that soft feel as she speaks. She continues to go on and on until she ends her story with a question.

Clarinets set the starting mood for the new song, a harp going on with it’s fast runs to give it that special topping to the sounds. Mimi and Rodolfo have a duet at this time, ending it not too long by a short kiss. They talk balk and forth, the music soft and low as to not over power the voices that are having an important talk.

The scene ends as the two leave to go out, speaking of ‘I love you’ as they exit, the symphony still soft as it gives off the vibe of new romance.
03 September 2009 @ 07:28 am
All I have to say about yesterday is: Fuck, double Fuck, and triple Fuck.

Although sleeping the rest of the day felt good. but staying up was a bad idea but good for my Eric muse. >.< Damm.

I don't even have that much time to type up something long. *yawns**eyes are droopy*

I hate my bra......
02 September 2009 @ 05:16 am
Okay so I'm really happy that I FINALLY downloaded BoA's US debut album. But like I'm like all eh after listening to two songs. So right now right I'm listening to Scream and yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Is it like a complete spin off of AnyBand's song'Anydream,' in which BoA was a part of? So how come I didn't hear any people talking about it? I'm really confused. I had heard that Junsu from DBSK had written 'Anydream,' was that turth or rumor? Cause hearing 'Scream' from BoA I just don't know what to think......so yeeeeeeeeah.

Again waking up early. But fuck why do I feel so dammed sleepy. I got enough sleep. I went to sleep early enough and I had fallen asleep at Crystal's house and in the car on the way home. So wtf? *pause* *rubs eyes* *yawns* So yeah. Wok up early again with out anything but my mind disturbing me. Woke up my sister again. I have a feeling me waking her up will continue on more and more now. Gawd she is so irresponsible. >.<

I need to take a bath soon....oh so yesterday was something. But fuck I can't believe I have to be at school at 9:30. I'm going to die in my History class. Cause not only is it kind of boring, im not allowed to text and its early in the morning. (yay shower. but cold. double yay.) (yush I finally have G-Dragon's solo album now) And we have 3 papers for that class that I know about that is supposed to be five pages long. I hope I can do something like that with out being double spaced. I so can't do it. >.<

Then came band.....ugh. That was where the fun came. So I didn't know that yesterday was the day of chair placements. FML and we had to do a screened audition and I didn't have a second prepare piece. DOUBLE FML. *sighs* So yeah. Basically the whole time I had sat in the hallway with Crystal and looked at the audition music sheet that they prepared for us. Sure we had a good few laughs (actually now that I look back on it. it was a lot of good laughs) and it was kind of fun just sitting there and laughing at others and meeting a guy named Sean. idk if he spells it that way. But yeah. All I have to say is. "No freaking way." Dayum I wish I was there to hear him say that. hahahaha. I just know he's going to be fun around.

So I saw a few people who'll be in the section I'm in, the flutes (there are 9 in total) annnnnnd some looked '........fuck' like that and the other's looked nice. I just hope I'm sitting next to one that is nice and doesn't try to show off to me or one that tries better me. Gawd I'll hate that. I hate people who are like that unconsciously, I'll die or kill myself. not really but you get the point.

But the moral of the story is that me and Crystal waited for about maybe 4 hours just to hear that if we didn't audition then you just get dead last. And yeah..........gei! we could have left earlier and went somewhere to eat, and I probably would have gotten a car today and not my mom constantly nagging me. But oh well.

And then afterwards was just me constantly feeling so tired. and slept alot.
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01 September 2009 @ 07:14 am
Okay so I survived my first day of college. And it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. Actually it was really good and nothing embarrassing happened at all, I didn't trip or bump into anything like I'd usually do on a first day of school. Anyways. Yeah. It was good.

Surprisingly that day i had woken up very early, like 4 fours before i needed to be at school. I felt good. Funny thing about going to school was that my uncle actually offered to walk around with me. Hahaha! And I'm glad he did. But he slowed me down and kept complaining. Goodness. Talk about old much. Haha. Kidding. I saw a few old friends and alot of asians, more than I expected. But I'm glad, cause the ones that I did see, haha, I constantly kept seeing. >.< Man how I wish I had a class one of them.

But oh WELLZ! At least I have a cute/hot(a bit/could be if he tried)/kinda awkward Korean guy as my Music Appreciation Professor. He's soooooo young. But that's cool. And He's really cool too. I'm glad he's my teacher instead of some old lady or man being all professional and strict and shit. He's going to make my mornings happy! Hahahahahahah! omg! My uncle made this lame joke about me later that day about my Music Appreciation class. Being all like in that class you'll have two things to appreciate now, music and you teacher. And I was like, OMG!! SHUT UP!!! >.< But I can't help it if he's right. >.<

Then the rest of my day wasn't as exciting. It just slowed down a bit from then. Oh but the projects that my English Professor has us doing later in the year sound very interesting, and I'm looking forward to it. (GAWD DAMM WHERE IS MY UNCLE!)

Right now I'm typing this up while waiting for my uncle to bring me to school. u_u I need a new car.

Oh yeah! did I mention i'm going to hate my College Algebra class just because of one person. Gei. I just hope she doesn't think I'm here friend cause I know here from church and sit with me. That would make me miserable. I really dislike this girl with a passion. *sighs* I'm a bad person........ >.>

Anyways,.....what will my second day be like? Tired for sure. Case I did the worst thing to do on the first week of school. And that's stay up. Argh! I stayed up till 3-4am last night! Curse you rp! fuck! damm shit! >.< Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! TT~TT And now I can feel my eyes dropping, I want to sleep. Man I hope I don't fall asleep in my history class that I have first. But then after that, i don;t care cause I never fall asleep in band.....so yeah. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY UNCLE!
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