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You bet I'm fucking HANDSOME~

5 September 1991
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Good morning!

Yoh! This journal belongs to pogi_blu whoes birth given name is Aiza-Marie Abelon Taylor. But who cares about full names when you could just go by one simple name like Aiza. I know, I know. How the hell do you pronounce that?! Well start off like your about to say eye, like eye ball, then you add zah. So in short it will sound like this: eye-zah. See not so hard huh. Well what ever. If you really have trouble with saying that then just say Ai, or call me what ever you'd like. I don't really care.

This journal here is mostly about ranting and my spazz, that is if I get around to typing something up. Cause really, I'm a really, really lazy person when it comes to updates.

Others things....I like Anime and Manga. Oh and I love Asian men and their music~ It completes me ^^b I think asian music should complete every one. Heh. I enjoy the occasionally video games whether it be classics or the pressent day one. I like them all except racing and army shooter games where it so god damm fucking hard to aim!

I love to role play. I think that completes me too. Yeah...It does somewhat. And then making shizz. Like icons, graphics, the occasional fanfics if I'm in the mood. But most of the times I'll be making icons and other edited pictures to clear my mind.

Yeah. That about sums it up.